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Why should the wedding day be the only day you wear your wedding dress!

Posted on November 15, 2012

You may of heard the term – ‘Post wedding shoot’s, or’ Trash the dress’, or ‘Express the dress’. Whatever you want to call them, we offer them.   We invite all previous customers of ours and married couples (newlyweds or not-so-newlyweds) to dig out their wedding dress from the wardrobe, dust it down, chose a favourite location (or completely random one) and let’s go for it. You could opt for a countryside shoot, such as a woodland setting, or if you are feeling confident enough something in a more urban setting. The guys can join in too – don’t worry if you hired your suit for your wedding day, any suit in the wardrobe will suffice.   Remember, the pressures of the big day…

Felicity and Matt

Posted on November 5, 2012

A vintage themed and a wedding venue to dream of set the scene for Felicity & Matt’s wedding back in the height of summer.

The beautiful Bride was surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids all morning, sipping champagne, eating yummy looking cupcakes and helping her get ready for the big day ahead. The Mother of the Bride had made the amazing bridesmaids dresses herself, which gave the look a very unique feel and they matched Felicity’s gorgeous wedding dress perfectly. Whilst all this was going on the boys had a surprise in store for Matt as he was getting ready into his wedding attire; a white stretch limousine to take them to the venue!
The ceremony and reception were held at The Priory Barns, Little Wymondley and the venue fitted their theme perfectly. Tables laid with Cath Kidston style jam jar favours and shabby chic decor throughout, a lot of effort had gone into this big day and a lot of love too. It really did look fantastic!

After a quick game of oversized Jenga, a bounce on the space hoppers and a quick pose on the Custardface Photography LOVE box we took the newlyweds for a wonder in the sunset where we were able to take some lovely photos of the happy couple; perfect timing!

After the meal and speeches were done the Blue Rinse band set up and played on into the summers evening and certainly kept the dance floor filled and moving; it’s always a good sign when everyone is dancing and enjoying themselves at the end of your big day. They were a fab band (highly recommended) and topped the day off just nicely.

A great day – congrats again to the new Mr and Mrs Rawling!

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Post-wedding shoots

Posted on August 4, 2011

Or ‘Trash the Dress’ shoots, or ‘Express your Dress’ shoots, or ‘Dust down your wedding dress’ shoots, etc, etc…Whatever you want to call them, we offer them. We welcome you to dig out the wedding dress from the wardrobe once more, choose a favourite (or completely unique) location, hobby or pastime that expresses your personality and let’s just go for it! Hubby can join in too and get suited and booted too, or if you prefer just on your own.. Remember, the stresses and pressures of the big day have long gone so this is all about having as much fun as you can; you won’t be disappointed! Our ‘on location’ shoots start from just £79, so why not get in touch now and…