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A bit of info about our Pre-wedding shoots

Posted on January 9, 2013

I often get asked when I meet ‘Bride and Grooms to be’ for the first time ‘what’s a pre-wedding shoot’ so thought it would be good idea to write a few lines about it and post some images too.


So, what’s a pre-wedding shoot?

This is when the couple head out with me to a chosen location to capture some natural shots of them interacting with each other. Nothing is too posed and it’s quite a relaxed photo shoot session.


Why is the pre-wedding shoot such a good idea?

It’s a good idea for lots of great reasons, let me explain:

Firstly, it allows me to really get to know the couple who have selected me to capture their wedding day; on the pre-wedding shoot I will be interacting with the couple loads, trying to get to know a bit more about them (and hopefully vice versa too) and more importantly trying to understand how they interact in front of me and the lens.

Secondly, it allows couples to understand how I work as a photographer and the fun and relaxed manner that I approach each shoot with – I am often told when I meet couples that they dislike having their picture taken; what they mean by this is they hate someone stood in front of them and being told to smile. Well, who does? This is just not my style. I am more interested in the natural moments you share with one another.

Thirdly, most couples may not have had any professional photos taken of each other before so this is the perfect opportunity to help them relax and learn to get comfortable in my presence. Come the wedding day there will be one less thing for them to worry about.

Finally, couples get to choose their two favourite photos that I print to 9” x 6” format for free – (one of which would be perfect for a signing frame on the wedding day).


When is it best to do the shoot and at what time of the day?

Pre-wedding shoots normally take place 4 – 6 weeks before the wedding day. The best time for this is usually a couple of hours before the sun goes down (especially in the summer) – which is normally when the light is at its best and most flattering.


What locations are best?

It depends on the type of shots the couple is after; most people wish to head to the local woods or park or somewhere secluded that is special to the couple, or even at the chosen wedding venue, which would be great for both parties as it would allow us to seek out great locations for the wedding day and have a walk round together at the same time.


What clothes should be worn?

Dress in whatever is comfortable on the day of the shoot taking into consideration the weather and location of course. If couples want to both glam up then feel free to do so.


What happens after the shoot?

Approximately 5 days after the shoot the images will be uploaded to the client log in area on my website. It is then down to the couple to select their complimentary photos.


For further information about pre-wedding shoots (and our wedding packages) please get in touch on 07887 583761 or email

To get more of a feel for our approach have a peek on our website


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2012 Brides and Grooms

Posted on December 31, 2012

Here’s a quick collection of all our 2012 weddings. A massive thanks to all our Brides and Grooms for a great year.

Happy New Year!

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Why should the wedding day be the only day you wear your wedding dress!

Posted on November 15, 2012

You may of heard the term – ‘Post wedding shoot’s, or’ Trash the dress’, or ‘Express the dress’. Whatever you want to call them, we offer them.   We invite all previous customers of ours and married couples (newlyweds or not-so-newlyweds) to dig out their wedding dress from the wardrobe, dust it down, chose a favourite location (or completely random one) and let’s go for it. You could opt for a countryside shoot, such as a woodland setting, or if you are feeling confident enough something in a more urban setting. The guys can join in too – don’t worry if you hired your suit for your wedding day, any suit in the wardrobe will suffice.   Remember, the pressures of the big day…

Take a moment out on the big day!

Posted on November 14, 2012

With every Bride and Groom that selects us for their Wedding day we always recommend taking 30 – 40 minutes or so out of the afternoon / evening for some private photos of just the two of them. The perfect time for this is usually just before dusk when the sun is setting and the light is much softer.  At this time of day it usually means that the main parts of the day, such as ceremony, meal and speeches are over with and it is then just the evening celebrations to look forward too.


The beauty is, we only usually have to step outside the reception venue doors for it; most wedding venues will have a picturesque backdrop – a few trees, maybe a lake – even if it’s just a patch of open green space, this will suffice. This intimate shoot will normally take a similar route to the pre-wedding shoot, where there is nothing too posed or cheesy – just you guys holding hands, cuddling, kissing and whispering in each others’ ears. It’s really as simple as that! The results of which are normally the pick of the album too!


Here are just a few of our favourite bride and groom shots.


For more information about our wedding packages please get in touch on 07887 583761 or email


To get more of a feel for our approach have a peek on our website


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Felicity and Matt

Posted on November 5, 2012

A vintage themed and a wedding venue to dream of set the scene for Felicity & Matt’s wedding back in the height of summer.

The beautiful Bride was surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids all morning, sipping champagne, eating yummy looking cupcakes and helping her get ready for the big day ahead. The Mother of the Bride had made the amazing bridesmaids dresses herself, which gave the look a very unique feel and they matched Felicity’s gorgeous wedding dress perfectly. Whilst all this was going on the boys had a surprise in store for Matt as he was getting ready into his wedding attire; a white stretch limousine to take them to the venue!
The ceremony and reception were held at The Priory Barns, Little Wymondley and the venue fitted their theme perfectly. Tables laid with Cath Kidston style jam jar favours and shabby chic decor throughout, a lot of effort had gone into this big day and a lot of love too. It really did look fantastic!

After a quick game of oversized Jenga, a bounce on the space hoppers and a quick pose on the Custardface Photography LOVE box we took the newlyweds for a wonder in the sunset where we were able to take some lovely photos of the happy couple; perfect timing!

After the meal and speeches were done the Blue Rinse band set up and played on into the summers evening and certainly kept the dance floor filled and moving; it’s always a good sign when everyone is dancing and enjoying themselves at the end of your big day. They were a fab band (highly recommended) and topped the day off just nicely.

A great day – congrats again to the new Mr and Mrs Rawling!

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Dom and Chris

Posted on October 18, 2012

We had been waiting a long time for this day; Dom is a very dear friend of Sonias so we were thrilled when she first asked us to do her wedding photography. Taking photos of any couples wedding day gives you a special feeling, let alone when it’s one of your close friends.

It was such a great morning, watching Dom get ready for her magical day with her girlies and the lovely atmosphere whilst the girls had their wedding brekkie and then had their hair and make-up done. The girls looked amazing in their dresses with their fabulous hair do’s and Dom, well where do we start; she looked like a princess and that’s exactly how she felt. Let us not forget the handsome Groom, Chris you looked great too!

We loved the vintage theme, the welcome drinks were surrounded by old suitcases full of Dom & Chris memorabilia and they had a special room set up for vintage themed photographs, a cheese cake for the cheeseboard and of course the sweetie bar! Every detail had been considered, the place names were vintage looking luggage tags tied to apples by the stem, it was such a unique idea. Everywhere we looked it was a photo opportunity, even during the ceremony where the groom cried, (a lot) it was just a great day full of inspiration and happiness – which is the perfect combination for any photographer.

The Mansion House in Shuttleworth is a very popular venue for weddings and is a grand, stately home with amazing grounds surrounding it. We made the most out of the sunset with the bride & groom by taking them out into the grounds to get some shots of them together; running, cuddling, kissing and generally just being a happily married couple. These were our favourite shots of the day, as were the Bride and Groom as they ordered their thank you cards, canvases and aluminium prints with these sunset photos, the Custardface Photography Love Box is going to be on every wall of the newlyweds house!

A massive Congratulations to a lovely couple!

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Emma and Jason

Posted on June 29, 2012

I was quite excited to write this blog and show off a selection of images from Emma and Jason’s wedding a few weeks back, not only because it been a while since I last posted (and I still have lots more blogs to update by the way) but St Andrews Church in Biggleswade was held where my wife and I got married 3 years ago, so going back as a photographer felt much more special on this particular day and obviously the venue was very familiar to me.

This was one of my popular full day wedding shoots, so the images I captured on the day ranged from the getting ready in the morning right through to the getting merry in the evening, and as you can tell by the photos the weather was particularly kind this day (as it usually is for me – good omen for all my future bride and grooms there..!).

As I was getting some last minute shots in the morning of the lovely Emma in her wedding dress all of a sudden the two young bridesmaids burst with excitement as they saw a big red London bus slowly reversing down the tight road to collect the bridal party and take them to the Church. Nice work driver!

As mentioned above the service was held at St Andrews and is a truly magnificent church, and dates back to around 1340 originally so lots of fabulous detail to explore (check out the b/w photo of the couple kneeling at the front). After a few group shots outside everyone piled onto the bus for a 30 minute drive up the A1 to Chesfield Downs Golf Club; they had previously dropped their cars off there in the morning and got a lift down to the Church; this is a great idea for all future bride and grooms out there by the way as it guarantees guests arriving at both venues at the same time, so no excuses for people getting lost or being late etc.

After a little intimate shoot of the beautiful Bride and the handsome Groom over the golf dunes by the lake (cue the crazy golf buggy driving) they sat down for their wedding breakfast in the lovely and well lit conservatory area, and we were there during the course of the afternoon and evening capturing the wedding day as it unfolded in our usual unobtrusive manner. A great day all round and congratulations again to Emma and Jason!

For more details about our full day shoots, please get in touch..

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