I often get asked when I meet ‘Bride and Grooms to be’ for the first time ‘what’s a pre-wedding shoot’ so thought it would be good idea to write a few lines about it and post some images too.


So, what’s a pre-wedding shoot?

This is when the couple head out with me to a chosen location to capture some natural shots of them interacting with each other. Nothing is too posed and it’s quite a relaxed photo shoot session.


Why is the pre-wedding shoot such a good idea?

It’s a good idea for lots of great reasons, let me explain:

Firstly, it allows me to really get to know the couple who have selected me to capture their wedding day; on the pre-wedding shoot I will be interacting with the couple loads, trying to get to know a bit more about them (and hopefully vice versa too) and more importantly trying to understand how they interact in front of me and the lens.

Secondly, it allows couples to understand how I work as a photographer and the fun and relaxed manner that I approach each shoot with – I am often told when I meet couples that they dislike having their picture taken; what they mean by this is they hate someone stood in front of them and being told to smile. Well, who does? This is just not my style. I am more interested in the natural moments you share with one another.

Thirdly, most couples may not have had any professional photos taken of each other before so this is the perfect opportunity to help them relax and learn to get comfortable in my presence. Come the wedding day there will be one less thing for them to worry about.

Finally, couples get to choose their two favourite photos that I print to 9” x 6” format for free – (one of which would be perfect for a signing frame on the wedding day).


When is it best to do the shoot and at what time of the day?

Pre-wedding shoots normally take place 4 – 6 weeks before the wedding day. The best time for this is usually a couple of hours before the sun goes down (especially in the summer) – which is normally when the light is at its best and most flattering.


What locations are best?

It depends on the type of shots the couple is after; most people wish to head to the local woods or park or somewhere secluded that is special to the couple, or even at the chosen wedding venue, which would be great for both parties as it would allow us to seek out great locations for the wedding day and have a walk round together at the same time.


What clothes should be worn?

Dress in whatever is comfortable on the day of the shoot taking into consideration the weather and location of course. If couples want to both glam up then feel free to do so.


What happens after the shoot?

Approximately 5 days after the shoot the images will be uploaded to the client log in area on my website. It is then down to the couple to select their complimentary photos.


For further information about pre-wedding shoots (and our wedding packages) please get in touch on 07887 583761 or email hello@custardfacephotography.co.uk

To get more of a feel for our approach have a peek on our website www.custardfacephotography.co.uk


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