You may of heard the term – ‘Post wedding shoot’s, or’ Trash the dress’, or ‘Express the dress’. Whatever you want to call them, we offer them.


We invite all previous customers of ours and married couples (newlyweds or not-so-newlyweds) to dig out their wedding dress from the wardrobe, dust it down, chose a favourite location (or completely random one) and let’s go for it. You could opt for a countryside shoot, such as a woodland setting, or if you are feeling confident enough something in a more urban setting. The guys can join in too – don’t worry if you hired your suit for your wedding day, any suit in the wardrobe will suffice.


Remember, the pressures of the big day have long gone so this is all about having as much fun as you can; you won’t be disappointed!


For more information about our post wedding shoots, including prices pease get in touch on 07887 583761 or email To get more of a feel for our approach have a peek on our website


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