Custardface Photography are now offering post-wedding shoots as part of their growing list of services; after all, who wants to wear their dress only ONCE!!

Below are a handful of shots from a recent post-wedding shoot that were taken at a nearby location which created some lovely images for her to treasure…

This dress was simply fantastic to take photos of due to the great detail on the back, which provides fantastic images from all angles; the little rose collection is simply adorable. Snapping away with the sun setting in the background is just amazing and made the shoot even more memorable. The way the sun shines through hair and the dress, makes it just look stunning.

If you are looking for a photographer to take some creative shots of you in your wedding dress, then please contact us at Custardface Photography. For all those brides to be wondering what can be done post wedding, or for anyone who has just got married and wants ANY excuse to get back in the dress… just give us a go!

Images from Custardface Photography
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Dress suppplied by House of Couture, Norwich